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Sun Miso Ramen

September 7, 2014


We continue our exploration of Sun’s ramen offerings with their Miso flavor. If Shoyu is the most popular/well known of the base ramen flavors in the US, Tonkotsu and Miso battle it out for the number two spot. For instance, my wife is not a big fan of Tonkotsu, but usually prefers Miso. Conversely, my friend Hsien loves Tonkotsu over all others. It’s all based on palate preference. While the Miso flavor is still a good choice, it is certainly not my favorite of the bunch. However, it does allow for a more rounded choice when picking out a favored flavor from Sun.

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Ramen, Reviews

Sun Tonkotsu Ramen

September 6, 2014


Sun continues dominating the packaged ramen market with its Tonkotsu offering. I, personally, have always preferred Shoyu over Tonkotsu in restaurants and at stands. However, in the case of Sun’s offering, I actually prefer the Tonkotsu. So, I guess I lied in my last review – Shoyu is no longer the single best pre-packaged ramen. Sun actually managed to top themselves.

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Ramen, Reviews

Maruchan Gomadare Hiyashi Cold Noodles

August 24, 2014


While going through the refrigerated noodle section at Hatoya Japanese Grocer here in Charlotte, I found this bag of Maruchan noodles I had never seen. While it does use ramen noodles, it is not a soup – there is no broth mixing, and no reason to heat a certain amount of water in order to make the base mix. These are, basically, sesame cold noodles, and they’re pretty delicious.

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