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Sun Shoyu Ramen

September 3, 2014


This is the single best pre-packaged ramen I have ever had. It’s stunning how close it gets to restaurant/stand quality in a little refrigerated box. I found this in my Japanese grocer’s freezer and tried it out simply because I prefer the uncooked noodle variety of pre-packaged ramen. I am so glad I did.

The Cook

img_7902 Sun Shoyu comes with two servings – two packets of noodles, and two soup flavor packs.
img_7903The flavor pack has just the right amount of fat in it to create a glistening surface with superior flavor, without making the soup too greasy.
img_7907Make sure you add your noodles to water at a full boil, and let them cook for at least three minutes.
img_7913Add 10-12 oz hot water to make the broth. I usually split the difference at 11.
img_7917Strain and add your noodles and enjoy the best pre-packaged ramen you will ever eat.

Your family will appreciate it!


The Review

I have nothing but good things to say about this ramen. From the second I first sipped the broth I knew it was something special. The saltiness, the shoyu flavor, everything is perfect. Tasting this is the closest I’ve come to eating real ramen at home without having to go through a multi-day cook. If you’re hankering for some shoyu ramen and you can get your hands on this, look no further. In fact, don’t buy anything else. If you want shoyu, buy this, and only this, forever. It’s that good.

If I had to be absolutely critical, it’s that Sun’s noodles can be a little hard to work with, even for seasoned ramen veterans. If you let them cook for just a little too long they become soggy. Not enough and they’re chewy (as in stuck in your teeth chewy). Just be careful with your timing and you’ll be fine.


  • Freaking delicious
  • Good price – two generous servings in one package
  • Freaking DELICIOUS


  • Noodles may be hard to work with for some
  • You won’t want to stop eating it and you’ll get fat

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